Fire & Smoke Damage Repair


At Disaster Plus we understand that fire damage and smoke damage to your home or business can be beyond inconvenient, and even traumatic. We also understand that time is of the essence after a fire in order to preserve and protect your property from additional damages, which is why we promise to perform our work in the most timely and efficient manner possible.

At Disaster Plus, we provide fire and smoke damage emergency services that include: on- site emergency power and climate control, debris removal, water removal (often needed due to Fire Departments use of water to extinguish fire), structural drying, soot removal, smoke removal, residue removal, odor control and deodorization.

  • Performing the initial assessment of fire damage to the structure of the home.

Other services include: content cleaning and restoration, garment and textile restoration, fine art cleaning and restoration, moving and storage of your household/business items, document and records recovery, electronic cleaning and restoration, HVAC cleaning and decontamination, as well as services to prevent the need of mold remediation at a later date, all the while easing you through the process of returning your affairs to a state of normalcy.

Restoring your surroundings from the ravages of fire and smoke takes a professionally trained staff and knowledge of the latest remediation techniques. Disaster Plus utilizes a wide range of methodology in the efficient and complete restoration of your property. Our certified technicians know what works best and have at their disposal the most advanced and cutting-edge deodorization technology available in the industry today.




Soot covered what seemed like every inch of my home, as my hardwood floors began to immediately warp from all of the water used by the fire department. Disaster Plus scrubbed and cleaned my walls, ceilings, floors, and furniture till they looked as if the fire had never occurred. They were also able to remove all of the water out of my hardwood floors and got them to lay down again.

– Jessica A., Homeowner

  • Disaster Plus will document all of the affected fabrics, including upholstered chairs and carpet upon our arrival to the job site. We will then take these fabrics back to our shop to be treated, or will treat them at the job site if conditions permit.

Disaster Plus’ Procedure for Fire Jobs

These services include structure drying in the case that the fire department used water to extinguish the fire. The procedure mentioned on the water page for water mitigation/structure drying is followed in these cases.

Initial/ Assessment of Damage

Once arriving at the job location, the Project Manager will do a complete walk through with the homeowner and photographs will be taken of the structure and contents. The scope of work will be determined during this walk through. Disaster Plus will have the homeowner sign a Work Authorization form so work can begin immediately. Explanation will be given to the homeowner about the mitigation process and the work that will be done to get their home back in pre-loss condition. Disaster Plus will need to make arrangements to gain access to the home by placing a lockbox on the door. The Project Manager will determine the scope of work and schedule the staff to perform the work. The homeowner will need to provide as much insurance information to Disaster Plus as possible (i.e., insurance company, claim number, adjuster name, etc.)

Once the Work Authorization has been signed, Disaster Plus’ Emergency Response Team will begin doing an Emergency Clean on the bathrooms and kitchen (i.e. sinks, bathtubs, toilets, appliances). Heavy smoke and soot can cause permanent damage to these items if not removed promptly. Measurements will be taken of all affected areas (rooms) and a complete inventory will be taken of the items in these rooms. The Project Manager will call to arrange for a Restoration Dry Cleaner to pick up all garments that were affected by the smoke and soot. This will include clothing, draperies, bed linens, etc. An art conservator at the recommendation of Disaster Plus will assess any high value artwork inside the home.

  • A Hydroxyl Machine works primarily by abstracting hydrogen atoms, thereby dismantling the molecular structure of odors and volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

Fabric Cleaning

Disaster Plus is equipped to handle the complete cleaning of upholstery, carpet, and Oriental Rugs. Within a smoke and/or soot filled environment, chemical reactions often occur. Cleanable fabrics become progressively un-cleanable unless attended to immediately. Disaster Plus will document all of the affected fabrics upon our arrival to the job site and will then take them back to our shop to be treated or will treat them at the job site if conditions permit.

Odor Removal

Disaster Plus will set up air scrubbers and deodorization equipment to address the odor problems. Our cutting edge odor-removal techniques include Thermogen Dry Fogging and Wet Fogging to the smoke-damaged areas, and the use of an Ozone, Vapor Tech, and HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) air scrubbing treatments. Disaster Plus also removes hard to reach soot residue and lingering odors by implementing Soda Blasting (explained further below). Applying these various techniques, we guarantee to effectively eliminate all unwanted smoke, fire and odor damage.

  • During the event of a pack out, furniture will be wrapped in blankets and plastic to prevent scratching or damaging.

Pack Out/ Cleaning of Contents and Structure

Depending on the scope of work/damage to your home determined by the homeowner, adjuster and Disaster Plus, contents will either be packed out according to our pack out process or will be cleaned in place on site. Our pack out procedure includes a photo and label inventory of items prior to cleaning, moving, or packing them. This ensures that your contents will be returned to their appropriate position in your home. Your boxed and wrapped contents will then be taken back to the Disaster Plus climate controlled facility where your items will be cleaned and stored. Once the home is packed out (if this option was decided on) cleaning of the entire structure of the home will begin. This includes a cleaning of the ceilings, ceiling fans, all parts of interior windows, doors, walls and baseboards, with products required to clean and protect the different types of surfaces found in your structure. Some parts of the home’s structure, such as insulation covered in soot or charred sheetrock will be removed permanently from the home.

If it is decided that the home is not to be packed out, Disaster Plus will set up containment to keep any unaffected areas of the home unaffected. Once containment has been put in place, contents will be manipulated to clean the structure (as explained above). Following the cleaning of the structure, the team will clean all of the contents onsite. The last part of the structure to be cleaned in each room will be the floors. Depending on the severity of the fire and smoke damage, a HVAC professional may need to come in and clean all duct work and HVAC unit.

  • A piece of wood that has begun to be soda blasted.

Soda Blasting

There are some cases in which the structure of a home is contaminated to a point in which a wipe down of the structure will not suffice. In these cases, Soda Blasting is the preferred method to clean and deodorize a structure to remove soot, char and odor after fire damage. We have successfully utilized this process to clean and deodorize wood framing, log structures, and brick structures that have been substantially impacted by fire, smoke and soot damage. In most cases, there is no need to apply a pigmented shellac to encapsulate soot and smoke damaged framing or logs after utilizing this unique process. This process will clean the wood, logs, brick, stone and concrete to their pre-loss appearance. After blasting, the wood and logs will be ready to accept a penetrating stain. Once Soda Blasting has taken place, there will be no visible evidence of a loss having occurred in attics, crawl spaces or interior walls.

Move In

Disaster Plus has a list of suggested contractors for the rebuild of your home. Upon completion of the rebuild process, the homeowner will contact Disaster Plus to schedule the move back of the contents. The Disaster Plus packing/unpacking crew will assist you in putting all of the contents back in their proper place.


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