Disaster Plus was prompt, efficient, and made a difficult situation easier to manage when our home flooded. Initially, the insurance company was not going to replace our flooring, but Disaster Plus advocated for us since the flooring did not return to its original condition. With the backing of Disaster Plus, the insurance company reversed their decision, and we will be able to get new flooring!

– Rosie C., Homeowner, Summerville, SC

Since 1986, Disaster Plus has worked with nearly every major insurance company. We are on several Preferred Vendor Programs, while other local insurance agencies and agents simply recommend us to their insureds (we are Charleston’s Most Reviewed and Highest Rated Disaster Restoration Company, after all.) That said, the insured always chooses which company they want to handle their water, mold, or fire damage issue, regardless of who their insurance company may recommend.

Insurance Claim? Trust Our EXPERIENCE and EXPERTISE

The fact is, if a property has experienced a disaster, immediate action needs to be taken to prevent any further damages to the property. We always encourage our customers to call us before filing a claim for several reasons:

  • Countless times, our customers have filed a claim without needing to. By allowing us to inspect the disaster first, it may turn out that the price for our work is within the customer’s deductible, and filing a claim is thus unnecessary.
  • Once a claim is filed, it is extremely difficult to cancel the claim. Even if a claim can be cancelled, it will always appear on the policyholder’s policy, costing the insured more money in the long run. Filing a claim raises premiums, simple as that.
  • When a prospective client calls our office requesting our emergency services, their call will be answered live 24/7 by either Tracy Norris or Chris McWhorter. By calling us first, these experienced team members will be able to dispatch a team immediately, while also providing the customer with immediate steps to take to prevent any further damage. Time is money in the midst of a disaster.

If at any time a claim is filed — whether Disaster Plus advised the customer to do so or not — our team member Keating Norris will be in contact with the customer and their local insurance agent, to ensure that all parties are on the same page moving forward.

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