COVID-19: How Disaster Plus is responding

Disaster Plus has begun utilizing a Disinfecting Treatment that is a totally ‘green’, cost effective, floor to ceiling treatment, designed specifically to disinfect and protect your home or business from the invisible threat of COVID-19.

Our technicians will treat your home or business with a “one pass” Long Lasting Anti-Virus Application, which disinfects both porous and non-porous surfaces with the same efficacy. Disaster Plus applies the disinfectant by wet fogging methods, utilizing Ultra-Low Volume (ULV) Fogging/Atomization. This service is an application of a disinfectant and does not include pre-cleaning, post-cleaning, or wiping of individual surfaces, unless otherwise noted and agreed upon by both Disaster Plus and the customer. We are happy to work with you to any extent!

Last week, Sullivan’s Island Town Officials had Disaster Plus apply a disinfectant (application video) at their Town Hall and Fire Department, in an effort to help ensure that their facilities are COVID-19 free. Although the disinfectant we used has been tested to deactivate COVID-19 at a rate of 99.99% effectively (details on disinfectant below), we offered no guarantees, as there is no way to prove that you’ve “killed” the COVID-19 virus. The only guarantee is, that by cleaning and disinfecting, you’re significantly reducing the probability of the virus surviving. Any company or individual who says otherwise is misinformed.

Some facts about our disinfectant:

  1. It is a totally ‘green’ product, non-toxic, non-flammable, non-reactive.
  2. It can be applied to both hard and fabric surfaces without staining or discoloration.
  3. After application, there is no need to “wipe-down” a treated surface, the product acts on contact and therefore should be left intact on the treated surface.
  4. Disinfectant exceeds the CDC’s published recommended standards for mitigating Coronavirus/Covid-19. The CDC states that disinfectants that contain 60-70% alcohol are “effective” in combating the problem. Our disinfectant contains 72% alcohol and therefore exceeds the CDC standard for treating the virus.
  5. Unlike less sophisticated disinfecting agents which require multiple applications and maintenance, ours has a surface protection and retention life of up to 60 days.

We recognize that all of this sounds too good to be true, which is why we at Disaster Plus have partnered with an Industrial Hygienist, so that we may answer any questions you have regarding the application and chemical make-up of this disinfectant. We are an open book!

COVID-19 Cleaning Charleston

A Cleaning Tip to Consider

Make sure you are not using the same cloth, paper towel, etc. when cleaning multiple surfaces. At the very least, fold the cloth to expose a clean side, to avoid spreading the virus to other surfaces. Hello Grocery Stores!

If you would like cleaning and disinfectant application to areas of concern, give us a call. We’d be happy to discuss our process further or schedule a time to provide our services.

We pray for health, peace, and financial stability for both you and your family in this time of uncertainty. Be safe and blessings from us to you!

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