Commercial & Residential Carpet Cleaning


Reasons to Maintain Your Carpet

With the purchase of your carpet, you have not only made a sizable financial investment, but also an investment in the beauty and function of your home or business. To perform to its full potential, your carpet will require regular maintenance. Neglect of the carpet will lead to premature wear, sub-standard appearance level and a diminished return on your floor covering investment. The more often your carpet is cleaned the longer it will last. Abrasive soils that have become embedded in your carpet may be causing damage to the carpet fibers. It is important to have your carpet cleaned on a regular basis to prevent this kind of permanent damage. Some new carpet warranties require that you have your carpet professionally cleaned at least once a year.

How We Can Help You

Disaster Plus uses professional carpet cleaning techniques, which mean that potentially damaging soils are removed safely and easily from all types of carpets. Our fully certified, informed technicians will clean your carpet in accordance with all industry standards and warranty conditions.

Disaster Plus Carpet Services

  • Cleaning
  • Re-stretching and Repair
  • Damage and Color Repair
  • Carpet and Fabric Protection
  • Deodorization and Disinfecting
  • Static Guard
  • Fire Retardant

Cleaning Methods

  • Hot Water Extraction
  • Crystal Dry (Mist & Brush)
  • Dry Cleaning
  • Low Moisture Cleaning
  • Bonnet Cleaning
  • Oscillating Pad
  • Absorbent Compound
  • Water Claw



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